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Renee Melges is a Registered Clinical Psychologist and Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner with a Masters is Clinical Psychology. She has over 25 years experience working as a Psychologist and over 15 years experience working as a Kinesiologist in the field of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Renee specializes in mood and anxiety disorders, which can then manifest as physical ailments. Renee supports the client to work with their body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and wellbeing, combining eastern and western philosophies to assist the client to maximise their potential and facilitate personal growth. Renee provides online holistic counselling with adults, adolescents and for children from the ages of 7 or who are in Grade 2 or above.

Working with Adults
After counselling for many years Renee observed that most clients benefited from counselling. However, she identified that a minority of clients who, despite having a deep understanding of their issues and knowledge of how to change, continued to repeat the same negative behaviour patterns. They were unable to let go of past traumas, remaining stuck in the same emotional and mental cycles.

Kinesiology combined with holistic counselling approaches which access the subconscious have enabled Renee to support clients to successfully break through these negative psychological patterns.

Working with Children
Experiences in childhood influence adult behaviour. Unresolved stress and trauma during childhood may manifest itself later in life in various forms: health difficulties, patterns of avoidance, development of addictions, low resilience, high levels of sensitivity, mental health issues, inconsistent employment, disorganization and poor management of personal affairs, inability to deal with conflict, and development of unhealthy relationships. Furthermore, childhood trauma can carry through to adulthood if children are unsupported to heal these negative experiences.

Renee has been drawn to assist children to support them to develop emotional maturity and improved behaviour, and heal childhood trauma optimising their chances of reaching their potential.

omnia or sleeping difficulties, trauma, grief, relationship problems, coping with chronic illness, pain management, dealing with conflict, building self-confidence, reconnection to life purpose and career direction, and behavioural difficulties.

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Renee Melges
Registered Clinical Psychologist. BPsych, GDipAppPsych, DipHS(HK), MPsych(Clin) CBT, TFT, PEEFT, Reiki II, AKA, AHPRA

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