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So much of medicine today is focused on eliminating symptoms without considering the underlying cause. While we may feel better when the immediate symptoms are gone, they are often at risk of reoccurrence. In Chinese medicine, health problems are seen as a result of blocked chi – or energy flow. These blockages create disruptions in our physical and energetic systems, which over time can lead to emotional stress, pain, or dis-ease. Both kinesiology and reiki treatments can help ascertain the underlying blockages and tap into the body’s innate healing abilities to restore balance and wellbeing for the long-term. Registered Clinical Psychologist and Kinesiologist, Renee Melges, has been practising with a combined Eastern and Western approach for almost 20 years. She sees clients at her practice in Ashburton from across Melbourne, including Malvern, Burwood and Glen Iris.

Psychology With a Holistic Approach

Our mental health is intricately linked to our physical wellbeing. When we feel stressed, sad, or any other negative emotions, it’s not uncommon for physical symptoms to occur. Linking these two areas of health is not always easy, however, with a holistic approach to psychology and physical health we can better recognise these patterns. Counselling sessions with a registered Psychologist can assist with many common mental health concerns including: depression, anxiety, life purpose or career direction, relationship difficulties, trauma, grief, and even pain management. At the Serenity Holistic Healing practice, we work with both adults and children regularly. For adults, a combination of Kinesiology and counselling can assist with overcoming negative barriers in their life. For children, Psychology can help support emotional development and deal with past traumas to allow them to develop a foundation of self-acceptance and self-love, increase their self-confidence and strengthen their identity to allow them a better chance at a rich and fulfilling adult life.

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If you’d like to know more about our holistic approach to Psychology or would like to book a Kinesiology or counselling session, contact our registered Psychologist on 0414 866 330 or via the online form. Our practice is conveniently located for residents of Malvern and surrounds.

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Renee Melges
Registered Clinical Psychologist. BPsych, GDipAppPsych, DipHS(HK), MPsych(Clin) CBT, TFT, PEEFT, Reiki II, AKA, AHPRA

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