Holistic Psychology Sessions for Glen Iris Residents

One certainty in life is that we will experience ups and downs. Without strategies to overcome the various pressures of life, our mental and physical health can easily be affected. At the Serenity Holistic Healing practice, we take a holistic approach to psychology by using a combination of Eastern and Western modalities. With kinesiology, counselling, and reiki treatments on offer, we spend time seeking the underlying causes of your health issues. Common personal and psychological problems we offer counselling for include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Insomnia
  • Grief
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Pain management
  • Self-confidence
  • Career direction
  • Life transition

All sessions in our practice are conducted by Registered Clinical Psychologist and Kinesiologist, Renee Mulgers. Our practice is in Ashburton, only a short distance for residents of surrounding suburbs like Burwood, Malvern, and Glen Iris.

Why Combine Counselling with Kinesiology?

Sometimes our physical symptoms are a result of our mental health, and other times our mental health is detrimentally impacted by physical issues. By treating these two separately we are missing an important link in how we achieve overall wellbeing. With holistic treatments, we aim to tap into our body’s innate healing ability to restore balance. Using both Psychology and Kinesiology means we can treat ourselves as a  whole; exploring both physical and energetic systems to identify underlying causes of our imbalances. Choosing a registered Psychologist and Kinesiologist ensures your treatments will adhere to all guidelines, ethical codes, and professional standards required by the Australian Kinesiology Assoication.

Find Us Near Glen Iris

If holistic counselling and healing sounds right for you, contact our registered Psychologist on 0414 866 330 or use the enquiry form. We’re always happy to discuss our treatment options to find the best pathway back to restored health.

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Renee Melges
Registered Clinical Psychologist. BPsych, GDipAppPsych, DipHS(HK), MPsych(Clin) CBT, TFT, PEEFT, Reiki II, AKA, AHPRA

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