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Our health and wellbeing should always be top priority, yet many of us take it for granted. Especially when we’re young, we assume our bodies and minds will always be able to keep up with the pace and stresses of life. Modern Western medicine is excellent for treating symptoms, however at times it lacks the holistic approach of Eastern modalities. With a combined approach from both the Eastern and Western models, the Serenity Holistic Healing practice aims to promote personal growth and wellbeing. Registered Clinical Psychologist and Kinesiologist, Renee Melges, works with both children and adults to achieve greater harmony within the body and to support emotional wellbeing through counselling sessions. The Serenity Holistic Healing practice is located in Ashburton, which is conveniently located for residents of surroundings areas such as Burwood, Malvern, and Glen Iris.

Choosing a registered psychologist

Psychology is a delicate practice requiring specific training to support clients with complex mental health conditions. By choosing a registered Psychologist for your sessions, you can be assured that they adhere to all professional standards, ethical codes, and guidelines enforced by the Psychology Board of Australia. Counselling sessions with a registered Psychologist can provide you with support to address a wide range of mental health issues such as; anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia, grief, coping with life transition, and low self worth. With nearly 20 years of experience providing psychology, kinesiology and reiki to clients in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Renee Melges takes time to understand the personal nature of your healing journey and will work with you to achieve a comfortable, safe space where you can effectively explore and address your difficulties.

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Finding your way back to harmonious health is easier with treatment and support. For residents of Burwood, the Serenity Holistic Healing practice can help you on your journey. For more information or to book a session, call us on 0414 866 330 or submit a message online.

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Renee Melges
Registered Clinical Psychologist. BPsych, GDipAppPsych, DipHS(HK), MPsych(Clin) CBT, TFT, PEEFT, Reiki II, AKA, AHPRA

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