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Welcome to Serenity Holistic Healing, a centre for online Holistic Psychology treatments.

Serenity Holistic Healing was created in 2001 by Renee Melges, a Registered Clinical Psychologist, Kinesiologist, and Reiki practitioner, to provide Psychological Services, Kinesiology and Reiki from a holistic perspective. Serenity Holistic Healing currently provides online Holistic Counselling and Psychological Services to primary school age children, adolescents and adults across Australia.

Online counselling offers convenience for many Melbourne residents who find travelling for appointments impractical or convenient. For those of you who live interstate, who are seeking a holistic Clinical Psychologist, however have not found someone locally that they resonate with, online Holistic Counselling with Renee Melges may provide you with the support you require on your healing journey.

Serenity Holistic Healing provides expertise in the treatment of depression and anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, low self-worth, coping with chronic illness, life transition and spiritual growth and behavioural challenges. We cater to all residents of Melbourne suburbs including AshburtonMalvernBurwood and Glen Iris.

Combining counselling with holistic healing

Holistic Counselling and Psychology Services are designed to support self-healing and help restore balance and wellbeing. Through online consultations, you can be supported to develop a greater understanding of yourself and your underlying core negative belief systems that are impacting how you respond to your life. You will be given the tools and strategies to assist you to change your behaviour and have better regulation of your emotions. Holistic Counselling supports you to shift underlying patterns of responding that no longer serve you. Our Holistic Psychological treatments are designed to support the whole person exploring the interconnection of the mind, body and spirit and may incorporate Eastern and Western treatment models. All online sessions are run by our experienced Clinical Psychologist Renee Melges.

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Renee Melges
Registered Clinical Psychologist. BPsych, GDipAppPsych, DipHS(HK), MPsych(Clin) CBT, TFT, PEEFT, Reiki II, AKA, AHPRA